Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do you love technology?

I remember when I first started to operate a computer, which was in 1983.  I was 20 years old and worked in Atari computer camp.  I was hired as a regular counselor for teenagers.  I had my regular responsibilities of taking them on trips and doing regular camp routines, but I used to take the kids to learn Basic computer language.  These kids were preparing to go onto college after the summer.  I was in my college career myself during those days.  We had so much fun!  My college career was really geared towards business, but I did not even think about computers.

Later on, in my last year of Queens College, I actually worked in the Cruise Lines - Chandris (now Celebrity Cruises).   I had to operate a CRT terminal mainframe computer.  I was so happy working like that with a phone and computer taking reservations.

When I started working in the Hotel industry, then I had to also work on checking guests into the hotel by a mainframe computer system called ECCO.  It was a bit confusing at first, but I just really got so used to it that it came natural to me to use computers in each aspect of my job.  This was reality!  Computers have been the new way to handle information.

In 1990, I became an Administrator in Banking, and of course it became completely computerized with MACs on our desks.  I went from having to type carbon-copy letters in a typewriter to a MAC desktop computer.  I was so happy that first day that I started to learn MS-WORD.  I actually hated typing at that time because it used to take me loads of time to figure out the keys on the typewriter.  It was a real pleasure to know that I would never have to use a typewriter again!  This is when I felt like technology was so great for the first time ever!  So I kept taking classes and learning to keep up with the firm at that time.  I stayed with this bank for 6 years.  Now I type very fast because software is so much fun.  I forget that I am even thinking about the keys.

Of course, later on I became a consultant for brokerage and banking firms in New York.  I just keep increasing my skills, since these years of working on Wall Street and Midtown.

Now I am actually blogging, doing lots of writing on the web, and continuing to learn tons of software.  I found my main path in technology, which is web/graphic design.  I have been creating websites since 2007 using IWEB, Wordpress and others soon to come with other sophisticated web design software.  I use both Mac & PC.

Web and Graphic designers really interest me because I have always wondered how they create  those fantastic movement type websites with exciting photography and enriching themes etc.    However, while I was in the Financial district, I have worked with computer programmers for most of my professional years.  It is an amazing technological world on the web!

Friday, October 29, 2010

What are the benefits for hiring a VA?

The benefits for hiring a VA are the following:

1. Cost Effective - No Overhead
You don't have to supply a VA with an office, desk, or computer
You can save money!
No Administration Costs
No Health & Dental Benefits
2. Full Business Support - As per needed basis!
3. Reduces Stress - Helping Hand 
4. Frees up your time!

You can operate your business and let us do the small and large projects for you!

By Chana Schwartz

Monday, October 25, 2010

What is a Virtual Assistant?

VA - Virtual Assistant:  A highly skilled independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services.

We operate out of our own offices.  This helps each client to focus on their businesses because they don't have to provide a cubicle, desk, computer, phone or the health benefits  to anyone of us that is an entrepreneur.  We are self-employed individuals and get paid by contract.  

Each one of us has a variety of special skills to operate offices.  Some of us are General VAs that do tasks such as typing, filing, organizing, answering phones and basically doing simple office projects.  Other VAs like myself, have many skills that enable us to be capable of handling all kinds of special projects such as Translations, Creating Websites, Flyers, processing Spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations, making appointments, travel arrangements etc.  These are basically the kinds of projects we handle.  

Other VAs like to really specialize such as Real Estate VAs, Bookkeeping VAs, Translation VAs, Legal VAs etc.  We are quite function and keep learning and training to get better in our results for clients.