Thursday, March 22, 2012

Google Adwords Account Management! Another niche in web design!

I read all of the google analytics materials online and am currently starting to manage a client account through Rockland Web Design.  I did not realize that I understand how it all works and am doing an amazing job with it.  SEO with google is so easy to understand because it takes keywords that sell and ads that make a difference online.  I have one ad on this particular account that is getting most of the clicks.  It is very visible and the keywords for that website are selling too!  I have been learning about adwords for a couple of months and see the difference in the performance of my work with this account. 

It is all about getting good keywords, budgeting the cost per click per month and daily.  The ads are what bring in the advertising traffic to the website.  It all works together in order to get into the best average position on google.  I feel like it is a simple marketing strategy online.  I enjoy it so much!  I can't wait to manage the next account.  I can add various campaigns per target market, product or service, which depends upon the specialty. 

Adwords is a great way for small businesses to advertise their products and services online to drive traffic towards their website, calls, leads and calls to action.  If you need to understand how it works, then you can research and read through the materials like I did or contact me to manage your accounts:  

If you need a website in addition to an adwords account, then you can call Rockland Web Design and we will service your needs to your satisfaction!   or Call Chana at 845-371-2488