Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Typical Office Day for my business!

Good morning Hubby!  Good morning Shani!  It is 6:15am and time to prepare each day of the week.  We jump out of bed, give each other a hug, then go about our morning routines.  We come downstairs around 7am for breakfast, and both Naftali and Shoshana have their lunches for the day.  At 7:25am I take my daughter to the bus stop to go to school.  I come back, have my breakfast until about 8:15am, then I start the day at my home office.

I read through my agenda each morning to see what I must accomplish and get done.  As I read through Jack Canfield's book "The Success Principals", I work through a few of his processes in order to clear my mind.  For example, "The Total Focus Process" helps clarify how to spend time carefully.  He says to focus on one to three activities that use your core genius to bring the most money and the greatest level of enjoyment.  What activities do I love to do?  Which activities take time?

1. Learning Web & Graphic Design: So I work on Html, CSS, wordpress, Iweb and the other more sophisticated software will come.
2. Creation of websites, business cards, flyers, powerpoint presentations etc.
3. Research online and offline
4.  Faxing
5. Typing
6. Filling out profiles
7. Virtual Assistance
8. PTA Meetings
9. Returning Phone Calls
10. Filing or Photocopying
11. Learning other technical software
12. Cleaning up apartment
13. Organizing computer files
14. Blogging
15. Enhancing current sites already created online
16. Troubleshooting software

The purpose of listing all of these activities is to focus on the ones that bring me joy, money, happiness and ability to delegate some responsibility to others in order to help me accomplish much more.

I am doing everything I can to create a much more lucrative business and trust with clients.

All of my skills and talents are showing me the way to prosperity now!  What an exciting journey!