Monday, March 9, 2015

I moved to Los Angeles California with my family!

I moved with my family from Monsey New York to Los Angles California 1 year and a 1/2 ago.  We have been settling in our North Hollywood location for now and are working on our business.

Yes, I am still producing WordPress websites and am building up a team out here.  As all of you remember from my experience back east, I do love WordPress and creating websites.  I am constantly working on keep all of my web design skills updated.

I am very active on Skype, email, text and phones constantly.  My family just loves the weather out here and all of the beautiful beaches as well as other interesting places to travel to out on the pacific coast.

I love the fact that we can make plans all year around to go boating, sailing, climbing mountains, touring around Santa Monica, Malibu and do so much more.  It is a real pleasure not to have to be stuck in Snow or home all the time.

That is the reason why we moved out here.

Yes, I do love web design and working online, but I need so much to get my exercise and sunshine for good health and happiness.  This is what keeps me relaxed and motivated to do lots of great things.

We have met so many interesting people and started up an entire corporation called Center for Self Improvement, Inc.

I do web design and manage our Relationship coaching business too.  Feel free to check out our newest websites for our corporation at  

We are the owners of this company!  Call us at 818-358-3929!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Google Adwords Account Management! Another niche in web design!

I read all of the google analytics materials online and am currently starting to manage a client account through Rockland Web Design.  I did not realize that I understand how it all works and am doing an amazing job with it.  SEO with google is so easy to understand because it takes keywords that sell and ads that make a difference online.  I have one ad on this particular account that is getting most of the clicks.  It is very visible and the keywords for that website are selling too!  I have been learning about adwords for a couple of months and see the difference in the performance of my work with this account. 

It is all about getting good keywords, budgeting the cost per click per month and daily.  The ads are what bring in the advertising traffic to the website.  It all works together in order to get into the best average position on google.  I feel like it is a simple marketing strategy online.  I enjoy it so much!  I can't wait to manage the next account.  I can add various campaigns per target market, product or service, which depends upon the specialty. 

Adwords is a great way for small businesses to advertise their products and services online to drive traffic towards their website, calls, leads and calls to action.  If you need to understand how it works, then you can research and read through the materials like I did or contact me to manage your accounts:  

If you need a website in addition to an adwords account, then you can call Rockland Web Design and we will service your needs to your satisfaction!   or Call Chana at 845-371-2488 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do you ever feel like you are working and you are not getting the results you are looking for?

How do you plan to achieve your goals in life, career, parenting etc?  We all have dreams and goals to achieve in our lives.  Sometimes I feel like I am hitting a brick wall when it comes to reaching my goals.  Yes, I continue to work on the small goals each day, week and month, but I feel like I am stuck most of the time.  I expect to reach my goals in the long run, but they seem so abstract.

Here are some of my goals:

1. Be financially independent
2. Get to 120 lbs
3. Relocate to San Diego, CA
4. Get my daughter into a private Jewish School
5. Earn $50,000 - $100,000
6. Meet new friends
7. Make long lasting friendships that are deep like family
8. Be a talented Web Developer

It takes a lot of work and effort to plan as well as taking action to reach each goal.  I know I have to take small steps towards each one, but it feels like it takes so many years to get to all of them.  I only wrote down 8, but within those 8 goals there are lots of changes to be made and knowledge to obtain to achieve each one.

Yes, if I want to become a successful web developer, then I must learn everything I can within my field of web design.  I am totally dedicated to it.  There is tons of technology, software, languages, coding skills etc. to learn before I can be considered very skilled at the higher levels.  It will take me a few years before I can be considered very talented as a full-fledge web developer.  It is fun and challenging!  It is a great career and there is a lot of growth in this field.  Technology changes so fast that nobody can keep up with it.

I can say thank you to a lovely person out there named Penni Shelton from the website:  because she has so much information out there about becoming very healthy and losing weight too!  I have been losing weight since 4/16/2010 on her site.  I started out at 152 lbs and am now 125 lbs.  I am looking to lose the last 5 lbs and maintain it.  So I have definitely progressed from her website.  It takes time to see the results.  I have tried losing weight in other ways, but never really committed to such a fantastic healthy lifestyle.  I still enjoy some regular foods, but basically I have become a vegetarian and feel great.

My goal to relocate to San Diego and get my daughter into a nice Jewish private school seems so difficult because of lack of funds.  Naftali, my husband is really trying to figure out how to come up with that kind of money to move from NY to California without feeling strapped for funds.  When we went on vacation to San Diego, CA last summer it all seemed so natural for us to just be there.  It is our kind of place to live forever.  It is gorgeous out there!  People are so friendly and warm.  They are easy to become friends with. 

However, we have no help what so ever to get out there.  We must do everything ourselves.  This is why we really want to become financially independent once and for all.  Why does money become such a problem here?  It becomes a problem because we are constantly working, but the bills must be paid for everything.  We are willing to do whatever work that we love to pay our way there.

Check out my website:   to verify my skills and background.  I can offer you great service!

I expect to achieve all of my goals with my family and your help too!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Interop Trade Show

On Thursday, October 6, 2011 I attended an exciting IT Trade Show with Tom Ossa, my colleague from Rockland Web Design.  It was so much fun!  We had a chance to see the various displays, which offered a main theme for the entire show.  It was all about Cloud Computing on the web.  Lots of companies offer many different ways to save money without having to purchase external hard drives and storage space outside in outside locations for their data.

Cloud computing is becoming so popular now because we can not only back up files easily, but we can save our data in easy to get to locations on the web.  It is so exciting and less expensive then using external storage.  This is a huge advantage to uploading data to web locations for various reasons.

1. It is easy to obtain your file achives
2. It is better to have complete access to everything in one place
3. Back UP is much easier too
4. It is new, but an excellent idea

Some of the companies that were in the show were Amazon Web Services, 3M, Microsoft, HP and many more.

I intend to keep researching the best prices and company to use for Cloud computing.  It is a great choice!  Who will you use or recommend?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Classes that help build up my Web Design Career!

I am so happy working with my client, Rockland Web Design and Teamates creating all kinds of websites, formatting them, adding content, SEO - Search Engine Optimization as well as advertising & sales.  Since Web Design is my passion and focus, I am taking more courses in Business Marketing and Html to continue my progressive future in this field.

Business Marketing is enabling me to be able to create mobile websites, google place pages, bing and yahoo pages too!  I have also created coupons for my business as well as for RWD.  Here is the listing for my services:  Just click on this link to take you to google places for my coupon.  

Here is the coupon for Rockland Web Design: 

These classes are so exciting because I am learning how to Market locally to other businesses that need my services.  

If you like my blogs and keep up with me while I progress in my Web Design career, then please contact me regarding my services.  Chana Schwartz 845-371-2488 -

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Best Contract is with Rockland Web Design!

Rockland Web Design is an excellent company for building and creating websites.  I am so happy to be part of this team.  It is like a smaller GODADDY type company for purchasing hosting, domains etc.  I started with them at the end of January 2010 and have already grown with lots of experience and enjoyment within the field of web design (Information Technology).  I have many years working in IT through Banking and Brokerage in Manhattan on Wall Street and Midtown.  I was always an Administrator for VPs of Systems and have developed such interesting knowledge and skills in coding and maintenance for different programming languages such as RPG, Cobol and now html.  I have always increased my knowledge base in IT because it interests me as well as technology keeps on changing.  I am now learning to work in the web based market because for years I used mainframe systems.  I find both to be fascinating, but I do use the web for just about everything today.  I am tired of just being a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT/SECRETARY.  This is the time for me to become a real Web Designer Developer.

It is such a pleasure to be part of the Rockland Web Design Team because everyone works well with each other.  Tom Ossa is the owner of Rockland Web Design.  We have been communicating with each other via email and phone for the last two years before we signed a contract together.  Now I am working with him and the other members of the team for the last two months doing web design in ways that allow me to actually build my skills in coding html, css, project management, sales and establishing new business relationships.  I also introduced Tom to a friend of mine that is a Graphic Designer because I felt that both people would enjoy working with each other and the skill set is right for what we need in Rockland Web Design.  I was right!  They like each other and our luncheon or meeting is going to be in April to finalize a contract with Dovid K., Tamotion.

My future goal for Rockland Web Design is to enable me to become a partner of the company in order for me to work directly with Tom on the same level.  I am much more interested in Project Management because I love doing web design myself.  I enjoy creating sites, maintaining them, adding SEO and content etc.  I appreciate that Tom does the marketing, but yes I can definitely keep introducing him to business people that will lead him to better business deals than he already has.  I will keep learning as we work with each other and definitely keep building Rockland Web Design.  Perhaps some day we can call the company Ossa & Schwartz Web Design, which will enable our business to offer services globally and expand beyond Rockland County.

Rockland Web Design is an excellent company!  Now it is time to build a Web Design community to reach out to all kinds of people.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fun process of creating websites!

In 2007, I created my first website using IWEB with a good friend of our family who is a computer programmer.   He knows that I enjoy using computer software and the web for just about everything in my life inside and outside of the office.  I remember thinking about the kind of site I would create for singles.  I imagined that it is important to show the singles community who we are in the coaching world and gain their care, trust and feelings of being able to work with us.  I started to think about the photos I would use from our wedding, then the ways we were expressing to them how we could help them to get married.  There are lots of concepts and thinking that goes on in terms of the kind of business that is being created outside and inside the website.  People need to have the actual experience in being there with you in your business while viewing your site.  This is exactly what I have been learning all of these years.  Business is for the clients.  It is the way we service them.

It is very important to think about the traffic, marketing, clientele, color scheme, appearance, ftp files, domain names, hosting, email, payment options and much more before creating a perfect site.  There are constant changes that are made throughout the life of a website.  It is lots of fun to create! Websites are not just marketing tools on the web.  It is a virtual presence where people can interact with your business on the web by purchasing products, services and even downloading free stuff.

How is traffic created on the web?  We set up profiles using social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Myspace etc.   We attach the code to the sites to cause interaction between the sites and the social media for people to view our advertisements.  We also have to install optimization.

Now that it is 2011, I have been exposed to such interesting and fun stuff on the web.  There are tons of exciting websites out there, and I am so happy to be part of this new information age world we live in today.  I am already creating lots of fun sites using another software on the web called wordpress, which is a really great user-friendly web design product.  I have created these sites for my businesses such as - Virtual Assistant Site & - Dating Site  I expect to get to the level of creating websites with Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and other more sophisticated software very soon.  I am currently teaching myself html coding.  So yes, I am pretty excited about my newest career objectives.  The production of websites for world businesses!